17-Oct-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
If you have extra veggies, I'd appreciate tomatoes (green tomatoes welcome) and zucchini.
14-Oct-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
We are looking for a variety of these items for a party for kids we are working with to put on a fall/Thanksgiving program. Any help would be awesome so as to keep the budget down. Thank you and blessings!
11-Oct-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
24" x 30" plexiglass needed to cover window well
11-Oct-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
anyone have netting material that is large enough to cover garden area to protect from squirrels? Fenced off garden & that helped - now need netting to cover top to protect from squirrels
11-Oct-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
I am starting some sewing lessons with my children. I would love to collect some fabric scraps for beginners to practice on and create small projects, including felt, burlap, cotton, flannel, etc. I would also take any buttons, as well as #22 Sewing needles. Thanks so much!
11-Oct-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
Looking for broken / non-functional electronic toys, larger microwaves, printers (especially with scanner), laptops and personal computers for use in my hobby projects.
11-Oct-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
Hello, If anyone has any painting supplies, such as brushes, canvas, other media to paint on, or paint (not like house paint or kids paint), please text me at 4024302407. Thank you!
11-Oct-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
looking for packing peanuts to use for shipping
27-Sep-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
Description: Just as the part name indicates. I'm looking for a limited production pin set from Ford. It consists of 6 different pins representing the different emblems throughout the years of the Ford Thunderbird production. Unfortunately the limited production has run its course and is now discontinued. The Ford part number is: S20409. I have looked online everywhere and cannot find it. If yo...
19-Sep-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
I have 2 over=sized window wells that I cannot find covers for. If anyone has pieces of plexiglass or other materials that could be used as a cover, I would appreciate it.
19-Sep-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a wood desk with drawers for.my son. We just moved and he doesn't have a place to do homework and would like one to call his own. Thanks!
19-Sep-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
Hello. My daughter is wanting a record player that works. Her player was broken in our recent move. She uses music as therapy for her depression and we honestly can't afford to buy a new one or a used one. Thanks.
19-Sep-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
Looking for shelving for a variety of things, toys, board games, clothes, shoes etc. Bunk bed frame preferably the kind with the futon for the bottom however anything will work. Dinning room table and chairs I have 3 kids plus myself obviously so would like 4 chairs. Thanks in advance. In the process of starting over and just need a little help getting started. I do work full time however money...
19-Sep-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
Hi everyone. I am looking for the 10th edition phlebotomy handbook for a class I am taking in October. If anyone has one they are no longer using I would gladly put it to use. Thank you!
14-Aug-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
need packing materials for shipping breakables. Please contact if you have clean bubble wrap or thin styrofoam for wrapping glass, china, dishes
20-Jul-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
Looking for old mailboxes. Doesn't matter how rusty, dented, beat up they are.
16-Jul-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
Description: I am looking for any 1975 - 1980 Chevy Monza/1970 - 1980 Vega H-body parts. Other types of H-body parts are are requested as well. Looking for Town Coupe front nose and body parts, hatchback parts, fiberglass parts, interior parts, and even a Pontiac Astre body. Only reasonable prices paid and I don't want any junk. If local I will haul away whole vehicles and pay fair junk car pri...
16-Jul-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
Description: I am looking for the lower front spoiler for my Monza Town Coupe or otherwise known as the notchback. I have not seen this spoiler on the 76-80 cars but I think they could actually be on them as well and can be on any of the single headlight hatchback cars too. I am in dier need to get Louie back together. This pic is of the one that was on the car when the big storm hit early this...
16-Jul-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
Description: Looking for a 75-80 Monza Town Coupe lower valance and chin spoiler. May also be the same as a Pontiac Sunbird, Pontiac Astra, Buick Skyhawk, Chevy Vega, Olds Starfire, etc.. H-Bodies. I believe the valance and spoiler can be from any single headlight Monza from 1975 to 1980. I submitted a photo of my nose I need the valance and spoiler for with this ad. look closely. Thanks !! I a...
16-Jul-2018Lincoln, NE+9 milesItems Wanted
Description: I'm in the market for any year Mercedes Turbo Diesel. The 300 would be nice but I'm looking for anything.
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