25-May-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
We eat together as a family and as the weather is getting nicer it would be so nice to be able to eat outside. We have 5 kids, we would love a dining set with 6 chairs. Only care if it's sturdy and if it's wooden, just not so worn that the wood is splintering. So if you have anything you don't use please let me know!!!
22-May-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
Need 2x6 lumber in 3' and/or 6' lengths. Thank you.
22-May-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
Need old tennis balls for garden project. Prefer at least 4 balls.
22-May-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
Need 3" galvanized screws for gardening project.
21-May-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
I have a friend with young boys looking for Mario games (or open to others) for DS. TIA
21-May-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
A newly married family relocated to Lincoln to start a new job offer. They currently have no bed, and are taking turns sleeping on a couch. Feel free to text me at 4028758694. Thank you!
19-May-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
looking for any size of women's clothing, please be "in style" or still "trendy" thanks.
19-May-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for any empty egg cartons! I have chickens and use the cartons to store eggs and I have run out. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
19-May-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a big yoga ball that is big enough to excersize/sit on. Thank you!
18-May-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
Due to water damage we need to replace two queen size mattresses, if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
17-May-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
This is going to be a long shot - I am not really looking to succeed - but I AM HOPEFUL. I lost my Fitbit One ... it's my favorite tracker and I can't find it anywhere - I'm still looking - but I'm hoping SOMEONE has one that they no longer want / use, so I can continue in my fitness quest. IF I can find my original - I promise to gift the extra to someone else! Thank you so very much in advance.
15-May-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
We adopted a dog from the Humane Society on the 1st of May and was wondering if anyone had an extra XL dog kennel they no longer use/need. He's a boxer/mastiff mix, so he's fairly large! TIA!!
9-May-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
Hello! If anyone has a rain bird sprinkler they don't need, please text me at 4024302407! Thank you!
9-May-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
Do you have a set of rope wire cutters? For 1/4" wire rope. If you have I would be most grateful to receive it, or to borrow it. I will return it if it's a loan!
6-May-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
We are in need of about 10 2ft pabing slabs. Many thanks
28-Apr-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for multi-vitamins, can be old and expired. Email @ timfrugan@gmail.com. Thanks
28-Apr-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for moving boxes. 27th and Folkways blvd area.
24-Apr-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
My husband and I currently have a king sized bed but no frame so we have had it just on the box springs on the floor.. if anyone has an extra king sized bed frame, that'd be amazing! TIA!!
24-Apr-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
I would like to start a project with my daughter as it's getting close to summertime! We have squirrels that live on our property that come eat out of our hand and I thought it would be neat to make them a house/ playground out of wood.. I don't have a saw yet so small scrap pieces would be ideal! 2x4 and what not! TIA!!
20-Apr-2018Lincoln, NE(11 miles)Items Wanted
Does anyone have coupons from the Sunday newspapers that they don't want or don't use? Thanks in advance!
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